Book One: By The Light of the Watchtowers

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
October 1st 2010
A storm rattles Salem in mid-october while people fill up the Nightmare Rock Club for a night of electronic rhythms and trance-inducing synths. As the music reaches a crescendo four individuals begin to experience strange hallucinations that superimpose themselves over their reality. Soon, the club loses power and for these four individuals especially, everything goes black. They awaken about two weeks later in the upper area of Gallows Hill park with strange new powers and senses…

Chapter 2: Close Encounters
October 15th 2010
The four people that this story focuses on begin to experiment with their new abilities and see strange things in Salem. Auras are read and a gangs hideout is infiltrated, exposing a grisly murder. The four call in the police and begin to get caught up in the dangerous events transpiring around them.
Arcane Experience:1

Chapter 3: What Dreams May Come
October 17th 2010
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