Book Two - To Draw Aside the Veil

Chapter 1: 3, 2, 1, Contact
October 18th 2010

  • The three of the four fledgling mages begin there investigations into the mysterious suicides, only to find that someone has been investigating them as well. Several of their abodes have been broken into and searched.
  • The investigation of the mysterious suicides brings them to a small occult store in downtown Salem owned by a pompous charlatan. It seems that both suicide victims had both been to see a certain tarot card reader here. His name was Stan Black Raven and he wasn’t answering his phone.
  • Staying behind to hear from a member of the Black Knives gang who was asking for him at Nightmare, Nail returns home to find a gun pointed at his head. In the ensuing fight for his life against two Black Knives members, one that is suspected to be the gang leader Crisis, Nail manages to hold them off despite Crisis’ display of supernatural speed.
  • The rest of our group returns to the bar just in time to try to prevent Crisis’ daring escape. He manages to escape though and the group decides to bring their wounded friend to the hospital. It is hear that they are contact by others of their kind. Mages…


Chapter 2: Blood of Truth, Shadow of Doubt
October 19th 2010

  • Glitch takes a leave of absence to play a show in another state.
  • The rest of the group meets with the mages from the Orders. Here they learn about the Atlantean Orders. After a little basic training as an incentive to join the Orders, the group goes to experiment with their powers at a dock in Boston.
  • On a roll making friends, the group ends up a party of students at the dorms at SSU. Here, a healthy combination of magic and just plain charm got most of them drunk and laid.
  • After the party, a badly wounded Johnny, an ex-member of the Black Knives, turns up out side of Nail’s bar.

Experience: 3
Arcane: 1

  • Nail calls the group together and they bring Johnny to the hospital. Eventually they get the story out of him. The find that Crisis and his cronies attacked him looking for the group. They get the address for the current Black Knives hideout and head over to investigate. Things take a turn for the worse as the group realizes that Crisis and the mysterious “witches” were waiting for them.

Experience: 4
Arcane: 1

Book Two - To Draw Aside the Veil

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